Healthcare Provider Toolkit

Lifestyle Information

Long QT Syndrome and Exercise
Living Full and Healthy with a Condition
Long QT Syndrome Lifestyle Information
Travel Tips for a Safe and Healthy Vacation


Atenolol for Children
Flecainide for Children
Nadolol for Children
Brugada Drugs to Avoid
Long QT Drugs to Avoid

Devices & Testing

Drug Infusion Testing
Positive Drug Infusion Results
Negative Drug Infusion Results
What is an ICD?


Genetics FAQ

More About Conditions

Causes of Fainting
What is Cardiomyopathy?
What is Phospholamban Cardiomyopathy?

Letter Templates

General Letter Template

Letters to Schools & Coaches

Advocate for AED in Schools
CPVT Letter to Schools
General Letter to Schools
Letter to Coach for LQTS
Letter to excuse ICD Patient from PE

Patients & Family Letters

LQTS Family Letter - Mutation Found
LQTS Family Letter - No Mutation Found
LQTS Patient Letter

Letters to Physicians

Request a Referral
LQTS No Mutation Found - Result Letter to Physician

Clinic Toolkit

Appointment Reminder Letter
Authority to Divulge Information Form
Chart Summary - Follow-Up
Chart Summary - New Patient
Confirmation of Referral
Family History Questionnaire - Short
Follow-up Plan
LQTS & Brugada Patient Flow Algorithm
Outline of Appointment Letter
Patient Medication List Form
Referral Form
Referral Response Letter to Patient
Triage Form

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