Patients and families

Referred to an Expert

Any person with a suspected or known diagnosis of an inherited heart rhythm condition (IHRC) or a family history of an IHRC should be referred to an inherited arrhythmia clinic. There are inherited arrhythmia clinics in all major cities in Canada.

I've been referred ... What's next?

Most inherited arrhythmia clinics will want you to bring family history information to your appointment.

You may receive a family history questionnaire with your referral package. It’s best if this can be filled out and returned to the clinic as soon as possible. If you have a family history of an IHRC, it is important to get your family member’s medical history. The clinic may send you a form called a Release of Information which is a form that your relative with a IHRC diagnosis (or their next of kin) can sign, which will allow the clinic access to their medical records. This helps the health care providers give you the most accurate information. Sometimes, relatives don’t want to share their information and that’s ok. This letter explains why the information is being requested.

Please Note!

You can probably expect to meet with a number of different health care providers during your appointment such as the Doctor, a Genetic Counsellor, a Nurse, or a Cardiac Technologist. Some tests may be done or ordered during your visit.