Setting the standard for inherited heart rhythm excellence

What do we see ourselves doing in the future?

Working together across Canada with patients, families, communities, clinicians, and researchers to standardize care and create awareness. Through our ongoing research, the HiRO website, and our annual symposiums, we endeavor to improve the quality of life of our patients by alleviating symptoms and ultimately, to succeed in preventing sudden cardiac arrest and death in Canada. The HiRO research team is focusing on helping patients live healthy lives without fear of suffering a life-threatening cardiac event. With patients as part of our research team we are looking at the most effective ways to diagnose inherited heart rhythm conditions (IHRs), treat them, and determine the risk of sudden cardiac arrest or death. Additionally, with this website, we aim to provide a public resource on inherited heart rhythm conditions, a resource centre for patients and families, and toolkits for healthcare professionals as well as researchers.

Our Goals 

1. Facilitate collaborative research and engage patients and families in the process
2. Ensure high quality, standardized care across Canada
3. Translate research to the health care system and general public
4. Prevent sudden death from inherited arrhythmia

Organizational Structure

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